Port freight forwarder and Customs agent

Container transportation by rail

Container transportation by road


Since October 2009, containers transported by the “Vilnius Shuttle” container block train reach Vilnius from the Port of Klaipeda quickly and safely now five times a week, and then goods are delivered to the customer’s door using road transport. Containers block train depart, from container terminals every working day.


The “Viking Train” container train is a joint project of Lithuanian, Belarusian and Ukrainian railways.

Customs agent

Experienced staff will professionally and quickly prepare all documents required for customs procedures. We represent the customer in declaring the goods, presenting the goods and accompanying documents for customs clearance.

About us

The main activities of our company are transportation of goods in marine containers by combined transport, road and rail.

We are experts in supply chains. Therefore, we can always offer optimal solutions for transportation of goods for your business.

We are professionals in our field. In 2009, after implementing the Vilnius Shuttle direct container train project, we became the first railway transport operator in Lithuania.

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